Has your partner manipulated you, put you down, tried to control you, or forced you to do something that you didn’t want to do?

Have you felt isolated and can’t reach out to the people you love because of shame, guilt or fear about your current relationship?

Have you gotten out of one relationship where you were abused only to get right into another one having the same experience?

If you answered yes to one or all of these questions, take a moment to recognize that you are being abused.

Abuse can be physical, emotional or verbal, but regardless of the type, it all has the same emotional impact in your body and mind.

It is disarming and confusing, and when you are living it every day, it can seem impossible to change.

Before you can change one thing in your current situation, you have to recognize where you are.

So, where are you?

Put your hand on your heart right now, close your eyes and feel what it is telling you.

Where are you?

If your heart is screaming with fear, isolation, shame and guilt about your situation….

If you are afraid to go home, or to be alone with your partner….

If you are afraid to even read this, because you’re afraid your partner will see that you have read it… recognize that you are being abused.

There is a way out…first you have to recognize…then you need to vocalize