It is time.

It’s time to break free from the cage and start living again.

You’ve broken the silence and gotten yourself safe, and you know that you can no longer survive in those situations.

It is time to surround yourself with people who can help heal your pain.

It is time to surround yourself with people who can protect you in this time of transition.

Surround yourself, and move on from the beliefs that kept you there.

You have to find your strength and your courage to protect yourself and if you have children, the strength to protect them too.

I can help you on your journey.

I’ve been there.

I know the fear.

I know the pain.

I know the promises of “it will get better”.

But, it won’t stay better.

I guarantee it.

And you know this in your heart.

Maybe you have tried to leave before, and suddenly is does get better…for a while.

You try and try.

But then, out of nowhere, you’re scared and beaten down once again.

You have to save yourself.

There is something bigger in this life that needs you.

Together, let’s ensure that you never put yourself in this situation again.

I offer a free  “Ignite Your Fire” strategy session to not only ignite your fire by walking through the framework that will enable you to rise and show the world the true fire that is you.