Charlie Cardin is a professional speaker, consultant, executive coach and writer.   She is a master in COMPASSIONATE LEADERSHIP and in unlocking FEMININE power.  Charlie’s skills and expertise acquired through her own personal growth and a 25 year corporate journey have enabled her to transform lives and careers through innovative and ground-breaking methods.  She is most passionate about helping women recognize, vocalize and mobilize to stop the cycle of domestic violence in their lives.  It is her belief that the answer for more compassion in the world is for more women to step into their power and heal through their love.


Charlie Head Shot


Charlie works with clients through both private and group settings as well as through her heart centered online courses. Her authentic and inspiring work is transformational through ground-breaking techniques which challenge you to step into the woman you ARE.


Email: charlie@firesistersrising.com
Phone: 844-673-7278
Website: http://www.unstoppablefeminineforce.com

Reach out to Charlie to inquire about her Ignite Your Fire Session for you to take that first step toward becoming an unstoppable feminine force.

Disclaimer: All information included on this site are from my personal stories and experiences.  I provide these stories to instill hope in those that have gone through similar situations so that they can survive and live the life they deserve.  I am not a licensed psychologist nor am I licensed to provide professional, medical or legal advice.  Please contact those professionals if that assistance is required.




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