What is it costing you?

You are stuck. You struggle from any number of things – withdrawal, low self-esteem, low self-worth, drained energy, inability to focus. Or maybe you are just stressed and tired and overwhelmed. You feel like you can never get out of this rut and it is all you can think about. Does this sound like you?

Well, it is time to change your mindset.

The more you think about what is wrong in your life, the more of what you don’t want will appear.

With every negative thought that enters your mind, you need to ask yourself one question – what is this costing me?

For that second you spent on doubting yourself, you could have lifted yourself up.

For that second you spent feeling bad about your weight, you could have told your body how much you appreciate that it lets you live and breathe on this day.

For that second you spent feeling sorry for yourself, you could have found at least 3 things that you could be grateful for right now.

All it takes is a second to change your mindset.

All it takes is a decision that of all the people in the world that could make your life hard, you are no longer going to be one of them.

Close your eyes and imagine what your life would feel like everyday without you telling yourself that you are not good enough or strong enough or skilled enough or happy enough. Imagine that conversation changes and instead you start saying things like:

  • I have all the strength I need
  • I am listening to my body and giving it all the nourishment and care that it needs
  • I am taking the time to connect to myself and the people I love because I know the value of connection
  • The world is filled with people who love and support me

What are the messages that you need to soothe your soul and know that you are being compassionate to yourself? I encourage you to write those messages down and stick them on your bathroom mirror and read them multiple times a day.

Really think about this – in every moment, you have a choice, if you practice asking yourself the question – what is this costing me? – your mindset will shift, internal messages will start to get brighter and the more your mindset shifts, the more you will feel the weight of struggle lift and it will give you space to allow the brightness and joy and compassion and love to enter.

If this feels right for you, and you want to start making significant changes in your life, my new ebook has a simple 3-step strategy for making those changes – you can check it out here –  Mastering the Art of Breakthroughs.

Until next time…peace and love to you.

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