Do you remember YOU?

Do you remember the person you were before the abuse started?

Do you remember your spirit, your joy, your love before life beat it all out of you?

Do you remember what it feels like to really laugh and to feel and to experience life?

Do you remember gentle touch and loving messages and fearless happiness?

I do.

I remember a little girl who had hopes and dreams and endless compassion for the world who was given a life full of challenges.  Challenges that made her question who she was, that steered her toward situations that would break her down and almost kill her.

But she survived, and that little girl is me.  Finally, after a lifetime of abuse and now being 9 years free,  I remember who I was meant to be and what I was meant to bring to the world.

I am here only to love and to serve.

What about you?  Who were you before the shame and isolation and abuse took control of your life?

How does your relationship to yourself need to change to embrace the you that you forgot?

There are so many of us that spent too much of our life playing small and letting others dictate how we should live.  Take a stand with me and say no more!


You tried to break me

You tried to take my spirit

You tried to kill the love inside me

You tried to convince me that I could never be anything without you

But the fact is that who I am is greater than what you have done to me

I am greater than the fear that you instilled in me

I am greater than what you have told me I am

You cannot keep me here

In this place of being small

You know this

You know that the moment I realize my strength

it is YOU who will fear ME

I have enough love and compassion inside me to heal the world

But I have NO MORE TIME for those who do not want to be healed

I was put on this earth to use my power to nurture

To support

To love

To show compassion

For those who need it and are ready to accept it

I cannot live without serving others

It is what we as women are meant to do

To model unending empathy and compassion

To hold others up who cannot hold themselves

But I cannot serve if I am not taking care of me

Starting today, I will declare my rights and boundaries in this world

Because I know that I cannot give love until I show love to myself

And even though I believed in you when I should not have

It doesn’t mean that I don’t deserve love now

You preyed on my love and my insecurities for your own gain

But I know what you were doing now

And I deserve to be shown the same love and compassion that I show to others

So I am done letting your words and actions control my relationship to myself

Today, I stand up for me and for every other survivor

And I say – NO MORE

No more shame

No more abuse

No more

I will get back to the me I was before you tried to break me

And I will inspire others to do the same

And I will walk with my head held high that I have faced the fires of abuse

and I have survived

Watch me get back to me and show the world what it is

To be a woman who is strong and powerful and inspired

Just watch me.


 Join me to reclaim your rights to being an

 Unstoppable Feminine Force






2 thoughts on “Do you remember YOU?

  1. This is just incredible. It says so much of how i feel and have been feeling for a long time.Have been in therapy for a long time and i’m working hard to find the real me. I don’t ever remember a time where i felt whole…just broken into a bunch of tiny little pieces and have been trying to put those pieces back together just like a jigsaw puzzle for the last 22 yrs.. It helps to have something like this piece of literature to read and remind myself why i’m here. I was in church this morning and the sermon was basically about this subject and we are here to serve but to serve God and each other. Now i know not everyone will agree with what i just said but the point is we are here to serve in some capacity with open loving minds and hearts ….this takes the emphasis off ourselves and puts it on others. i find that useful in my recovery. Okay i’m rambling now so i’ll close. Have a wonderful day an thank you for this forum. Bless you all.

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    1. Barbara, this was so beautiful and thank you so much for sharing! We are all here to serve and it is inspiring that you keep that feeling strong despite all you have been through. You are courageous and strong!


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