Believing Even When It’s Hard

The world can be tough.  There are images and messages everywhere that will pull you into a negative place.  Trying to maintain a positive attitude can feel overwhelming and impossible.

When life beats you down, when it takes everything from you, when it makes you feel like there is no way out and that this is always how it will be…these are the times when you must believe the most.

These are the times when you must question the fabric of your being.

You must dig deep and discover who you are….and make a choice.

No matter how hard it gets, no matter who has done what to you, to your family, to your children, you can still choose how it affects you.

One choice would be to let the negativity take over your body and mind and lose yourself in depression, in shame, in regret.

But another choice would be to embrace your heart and fill yourself with so much love that no one and nothing can impact you.

When you react to an abuser with self love, it completely disarms them and ruins the game.  They are fueled on manipulation and control and when you have relentless self love and compassion, they no longer have control.

In practicing self compassion, you become aware of your needs and you listen to your heart.  And your heart will say that you don’t need another person to complete you…you are an infinitely complete being all by yourself.

All the love that you need is right within you.

If you believe in you…even when you don’t think you can…even when you don’t understand why you keep getting yourself into these abusive relationships….if you give yourself the gift of believing in you…then the need to fix others….to satisfy your ego…it disappears.

Everyday that you show yourself a little more self love and believe a little more in yourself again…you are one step closer to never being abused again.

You can do this…I believe in you…I believe in love…and I believe that you can do this, even when it’s hard.


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