You Are Not Alone

There are staggering statistics out there which attempt to describe the extent to which women are abused in this world.  I am 100% sure that most of those statistics are largely underestimated.

For every 1 woman that stands up and fights, I am sure that there are 10 more trying to figure out how to stand up.  I can’t base this on a scientific study, only on my own experiences and what I have seen.

And what I have seen is that women will carry the burdens of the world because it is what we do.  We will endure far more than what we were ever meant to because of our enduring love and sense of responsibility for humankind.

We will care for multitudes of children that are and are not our own.

We will stay loyal to those who have long since deserved our loyalty.

We do this because there are unwritten rules in our society that say we must.  We must care for everyone and not ourselves.  We must put aside our needs and sacrifice for the good of humankind.

Abusers know that we have this strong will to serve, that it is ingrained in the very fabric of our beings and they will capitalize on it if given the opportunity.  Our ability to see something good in everyone blinds us.

You are not alone in this fight.

Every day I talk to another woman who was abused in some way, one whom never would have thought she would be a target.  And that’s the thing, in every crowded room, there are many of us…we may be silent…but we are there.

Abuse knows no color, no gender, no religion…it affects us all.

Even if a person is not being abused themselves, they have close friends or family who have been or who are.

It is rampant in our societies, our schools, our lives.

An epidemic that continues to broaden and takes more and more lives every year.

In your journey to be free, it is critical for you to remember that you are not alone and that there ARE people, lots of people who are here pulling for you.

Warriors who have walked your path and braved those fires.

Knowing your not alone and that there are so many others who have been through this and have come out the other side victorious may be all you need to start your own journey to be free from this cycle forever.



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