10 Early Warning Signs to Spot an Abuser

Have you recently start dating someone and you are excited but something doesn’t feel right.  Learning these warning signs early on can save your life.

  1. No respect for boundaries – he asks you questions that make you feel uncomfortable; he invades your privacy; he reads your emails; looks at your phone.
  2. Isolation – he controls your time and prevents you from connecting with those you love.
  3. He puts down your friends and family.
  4. He picks on you for things that you may already feel bad about; exploiting your weaknesses.
  5. He doesn’t have healthy relationships with a diverse group of people.
  6. He brags about how badly he treated another person in a previous relationship.
  7. He does not respect your body; doesn’t wait to ask for sex or forces himself on you.
  8. All of your friends don’t like him.
  9. He asks you to do risky things; unprotected sex; heavy drinking; drugs.
  10. He is intensely jealous over close relationships you have with someone else.

If you have noticed one or all of these warning signs, chances are this could lead to a dangerous relationship and you should move on now.  You don’t owe him anything, seriously.

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